Fachkraft aus der Produktion nutzt Augmented Reality zur Unterstützung im Arbeitsalltag.

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Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality

Looking for innovative approaches to knowledge transfer and training? Virtual worlds are no longer a gimmick - they are a powerful tool that can provide you with crucial support in the real world. Explore the endless possibilities and benefit from the ever-improving, cost-effective technologies that are heralding a revolution in learning and work. Are you ready for the future?

Eine Grafik die eine blonde Person mit AR-Brille und dem Roboter Eeve zeigt.

Augmented Reailty (AR)

Adding virtual elements to the physical world

Eine Grafik die eine blonde Person mit VR-Brille und dem Roboter Eeve zeigt.

Mixed Reality (MR)

Expansion of the physical world to include virtual elements with which interaction is possible

Eine Grafik die eine blonde Person mit MR-Brille und dem Roboter Eeve zeigt.

Virtual Reality (VR)

Movement in a completely virtual world


XR Training

Technische Fachkraft trägt Hololens 2 zur Unterstützung von Arbeitsabläufen.
Technische Fachkraft trägt Hololens 2 zur Unterstützung von Arbeitsabläufen.
Technische Fachkraft trägt Hololens 2 zur Unterstützung von Arbeitsabläufen.
Technische Fachkraft trägt Hololens 2 zur Unterstützung von Arbeitsabläufen.
Technische Fachkraft trägt Hololens 2 zur Unterstützung von Arbeitsabläufen.
Technische Fachkraft trägt Hololens 2 zur Unterstützung von Arbeitsabläufen.
Technische Fachkraft trägt Hololens 2 zur Unterstützung von Arbeitsabläufen.
The integration of augmented and virtual reality in training courses opens up completely new dimensions for participants, enabling them to combine theory and practice in a fun way. This turns learning into a unique experience. Immersive training courses raise the quality of skills transfer to a whole new level. Virtual training courses also offer the advantage that they do not necessarily require a trainer or a trainer does not necessarily have to be on site.
VR and AR applications offer completely new possibilities for instruction in device handling or commissioning and are extremely well received by participants. Learning in a realistic environment proves to be much more effective and XR training can be adapted to the individual pace of the user. They also offer much more flexibility, as they are usually location-independent and often do not even require the presence of a trainer. VR training in particular offers the major advantage that it can even realistically simulate dangerous situations or particularly resource-intensive scenarios.
If the commissioning of devices is supported with augmented reality, it is not absolutely necessary for an expert to be on site. The user is guided carefully and step by step through the process, whereby they can maintain their own individual pace. Confirmation of each step ensures that no detail is overlooked.
AR training expands the view of a real object, makes interaction possible and offers a realistic environment. This allows the user to be optimally prepared for a situation under realistic working conditions and errors are avoided in advance. AR training is easy to repeat, can be held without a trainer and also offers a high degree of flexibility in terms of the environment and the individual learning pace.
Even complex or dangerous situations can be realistically simulated in a completely virtual training course. As all the necessary equipment and machines are available digitally as duplicates, there is no need for additional physical equipment and therefore no costs for wear and tear or additional resource consumption. Pure VR applications are also characterized by their location-independence and can be carried out without a trainer. The simulation of processes and workflows enables effective and sustainable learning at an individual pace.
There are situations in which not just one person, but two or more people need to take part in a training course together. Our AR and VR applications can always be designed as multiplayer training courses. This not only enables interaction with objects, but also the opportunity to work together with other participants and complete tasks together. This type of team training is particularly beneficial in the area of soft skills.
remAid is our professional AR application that enables location-independent collaboration and is also ideal for training purposes. Further information is available at remaid.io.

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  • XR Training
  • Equipment training
  • Step-by-step commissioning
  • AR Training
  • VR Training
  • Team training
  • remAid

We guarantee

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Intuitive and interactive
Device independent
Optimized performance
Successful user experience
Safe and reliable

  • Reliable
  • Intuitive
  • Performant
  • Joy of Use
  • Device independent

Our spectrum


Digital twin

  • 3D representation
  • Interface integration (ROS, CAN, etc.)
  • Creation of training simulations
  • FEM


Real-time data and actuators

  • Connection of interfaces (CAN, Ethernet, LIN, SPI, ROS…)
  • Visualization of sensor data
  • Control of actuators


Cooperation and new dimensions

  • Connection of VR and AR
  • 2D/3D
  • multiplayer


Presentation and interaction

  • Interaction with real physics
  • Exploded view and cropped objects
  • Object movement with 360° viewing angle
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  • Digital twin
  • Real-time data
  • Multiplayer
  • Real physics

HoloLens 2

The MS Hololens 2 is one of the first AR glasses to impress with its innovative technology. As a pioneer in the field of remote work, our remAid software was originally optimized and expanded specifically for the HoloLens 2.

Magic Leap 2

The Magic Leap 2 is an excellent pair of AR glasses that are even approved for medical applications such as operating theaters. Thanks to automatic darkening, the glasses are also ideal for outdoor use. Our innovative AR software remAid is now also available for the Magic Leap 2.

Meta Quest 3

The Meta Quest 3 offers a practical all-in-one system and allows unrestricted freedom of movement in virtual reality. Simply put on the wireless headset, set the desired area and immerse yourself in fascinating virtual worlds. The spatial 3D audio, hand tracking and haptic feedback help you to experience the virtual worlds up close, making the Quest 3 an impressive VR system for training and education.

Meta Quest Pro

The Meta Quest Pro is an elegant virtual reality headset that scores with wireless freedom and very good resolution. Thanks to advanced technology such as hand and 6-DoF tracking and Oculus integration, the user is immersed in a comfortable and immersive VR experience. This makes the goggles ideal for immersive training and education.


The small and lightweight VR glasses impress with stunning graphics and a dual display, which provides a separate screen area for each eye. This ensures excellent image quality and a wide field of vision. The remarkable price-performance ratio and the great passthrough feature make these glasses a worthwhile investment.

HP Reverb G2 V2

The HP Reverb G2 VR headset offers a sensational VR experience. It combines an innovative design with a state-of-the-art sensor system that enables real-time data capture. This not only improves training, but also overall wellbeing and collaboration. With this headset, you are optimally equipped for the training of tomorrow.

Varjo XR-3

The Varjo XR-3 is a powerful mixed reality headset that provides an immersive and realistic experience for enterprise and business users. With a resolution of 2880 x 2720 pixels per eye and Varjo’s video pass-through technology, virtual and real elements are seamlessly integrated to feel like natural extensions of the real world.


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