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Why do pilots complete so many hours of training in a simulator? Simulators are an extremely effective means of training employees and preparing them for challenging situations. Everyone is probably familiar with the classic driving simulator. However, this concept can be applied to a wide variety of devices, vehicles or machines in order to train the handling of these, even in challenging situations. It is possible to simulate complex scenarios, even with several participants. Simulators can be created completely virtually (virtual reality) or only with virtual parts - with the help of augmented reality. In particular, the combination of real elements, such as a physical vehicle, and a digital simulation of the situation fascinates users and leads to particularly good acceptance. Another major advantage of simulations in general is that they can be repeated as often as required without using up resources.

  • Driving simulators
  • Driving simulation software
  • Ambulance simulator
  • Simulator connection

Driving simulator

  • Many years of experience in building mockups and driving simulators
  • Integrated, fully variable kinematic solutions
  • Design mockups, trade fair demonstrators
  • In-house production of hardware and software
  • Partner network for custom-made products
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Driving simulation software

  • Proprietary, fully customizable simulation software VLUX
  • VR-capable
  • Driving assistance functions, automated driving
  • Integrable AR content
  • Automatic XODR to SPLINES converter
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Ambulance simulator

  • Installation of driving simulation technology in an original vehicle (ambulance)
  • Simulation software based on VLUX – scenario-based and tailored to the needs of an emergency drive
  • Networking of scenarios for increased operational diversity
  • Simple control via tablet
  • Digital twins of prominent points
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Simulator connection

  • Combining several simulators into complex applications
  • Achieving group experiences
  • Central control, optimized performance
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Why do I need a simulator?

Sicht aus dem Cockpit des Rettungswagen Simulators des Aicher Rettungsdienstes
Sicht aus dem Cockpit des Rettungswagen Simulators des Aicher Rettungsdienstes
Sicht aus dem Cockpit des Rettungswagen Simulators des Aicher Rettungsdienstes
Sicht aus dem Cockpit des Rettungswagen Simulators des Aicher Rettungsdienstes
Sicht aus dem Cockpit des Rettungswagen Simulators des Aicher Rettungsdienstes
Dangerous situations can be practiced in the simulator without posing a real risk to life and limb. The best-known example is flight simulators, which enable pilots to make an emergency landing without putting themselves in danger.
Training in a simulator is much more cost-effective than training in a real environment. High costs arise there mainly due to expensive material and wear and tear or because real equipment is blocked for training purposes.
Thanks to the simulator's unlimited repeatability, skills can be trained in the long term and behavior patterns can be automated. Countless runs with ever new variations enable you to achieve top performance in reality.
Mistakes are recognized and corrected immediately, without bad habits becoming ingrained.
Simulators can be variably adapted for different levels of difficulty and users. Both beginners and advanced users can therefore train according to their needs.

Which simulation would you like to use to reduce costs and errors?

  • Avoid risk
  • Save resources
  • Sustainability
  • Real-time feedback
  • Scalability

How we work

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Innovative technologies
Optimized performance
Intuitive and interactive
Successful user experience
Saving resources

  • Intuitive and interactive
  • Optimized performance
  • Future-oriented technologies
  • Successful user experience
  • Saving resources

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