Bauer: Next-Level-Operator

Our innovative next-level operator AR training enables seamless cooperation between the machine operator and another person. This additional person could, for example, be a trainer or expert who can provide training or support from any location. The AR glasses worn by the machine operator enable the external person to take part in what is happening on site in real time and provide support. The next-level operator is currently being used by Bauer.

The various AR tools, which are displayed in the machine operator’s field of vision, offer the absent person a wide range of options for assistance, such as adding markers or providing documents.

The technology enables a trainer or expert to supervise several construction sites and machine operators at the same time without having to be physically present.

The Next Level Operator sets new standards by enabling high-quality support in real time, effectively utilizing the capacities of trainers and experts and saving travel costs at the same time.


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