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Immersive app solutions


You don't just want an ordinary app experience, but an outstanding one?

Then an AR app is the ideal solution. In an augmented reality app, virtual, digital content is integrated into the real camera image of the device. An almost infinite number of applications are conceivable here. Training can be made even more intensive and productive via the augmented digital space. For example, complex building instructions can be visualized intuitively and three-dimensionally, making them more accessible. AR apps are therefore ideally suited to implementing the training experience in an impressive way.



A digital configurator offers customers the opportunity to quickly gain an overview of an extensive product range and easily make configurations. Interested parties can easily get to know different equipment variants or try out various product extensions. The configurator shows your customers at a glance which combinations harmonize perfectly and which do not. Even highly complex product lines can be clearly visualized in this way.

Such a configurator offers a comprehensive basis for decision-making that makes time-consuming consultations superfluous and is available around the clock. By adding augmented reality content, you create additional, impressive possibilities – let customers experience how three-dimensional add-on parts appear on your real product and can be configured with ease.

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Product presentation

Discover a whole new dimension of product presentation!

Our AR apps enable a 3D representation of your products and even make it easy to visualize processes such as assembly or disassembly. Highlight details of your product or make it possible to look inside. By using augmented reality, you can experience your virtual products in a real environment and in combination with real objects and even interact with them. Give customers an insight into the fascinating technology of your products or the diverse options in your product range and let them experience your products up close.

Discover the endless possibilities that our apps offer you and bring your products to life!

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Digital catalog

Imagine being able to find exactly the product you are looking for in a targeted and convenient way, without the hassle of browsing. A digital catalog allows you to always have a complete overview when selecting products. But our digital catalog offers even more – thanks to interactive 3D views, you can look at any desired product from any angle, giving you a comprehensive insight into your entire product portfolio. And if your range grows, no problem, our digital catalog grows with you. The app immediately and clearly shows which new features are available for selected products, and we are constantly creating new functionality and options.

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Apps can increase sales and create customer loyalty. Customers who feel connected to a brand now even expect an app that offers them added value, be it in the form of discounts, additional products or entertainment offers. If the app is just as innovative as the product, nothing stands in the way of a long-term customer relationship. Retail apps with AR functions naturally attract even more attention here.

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Training Apps

Whether classic learning applications or interactive training on complex devices – an app offers many advantages to enable effective and sustainable learning. Constant access to valuable learning content accompanies you everywhere on your cell phone. Learning has never been so flexible and easy!

Experience a completely new way of learning – away from dry books and towards interactive and varied forms of learning with media supplementation. With our apps, you can even interact with objects and devices in your environment and learn and train under realistic conditions. This immersive experience leads to a lasting learning effect and optimally prepares you for practical situations.

Get ready for a revolutionary way of learning and discover the full potential of our apps!

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Service Apps

Welcome to the future of service – a service app makes the maintenance of machines and devices child’s play and efficient.

Time-consuming searches in confusing lists are a thing of the past! Our intuitive interface guides you step by step through the entire process and ensures that nothing is overlooked. For seamless documentation, you can take photos with your mobile device at any time and easily store and manage them in the application. Everything is recorded digitally and you have the information to hand anytime, anywhere. The data can be easily processed, analyzed or archived at any time.

Look forward to a stress-free and time-saving maintenance experience with our revolutionary app. Discover the future of service and experience efficiency and accuracy on a whole new level!

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All development steps from a single source

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Do you have an idea for an app and need support in realizing it? We look forward to working with you to develop your idea and see it through from concept to the finished app in the store.
Within your budget, we work with you to develop a concept that meets your wishes and requirements. Your idea stands and falls with the concept.
The design of our apps is not only appealing, but above all functional and intuitive - the user experience is clearly our priority.
Your idea becomes reality - we program the backend and connect the APIs. Our experienced developers create solid and well-documented applications in an agile, flexible process and always keep an eye on your budget.
To guarantee a smooth release of your app, it is extensively tested before it lands in the store and any bugs are fixed.
We make sure that your application ends up in the App and Play Store and is thus available to your target group without restrictions.
Whether it's about corrections or a possible further development of the application - we are of course also available to you after the app launch.

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