Retail App: Weltensammler

The World Collector app was developed for the book retailer Hugendubel. In the retail app, the player takes on the role of a ‘world collector’ whose task is to find the missing characters and items and return them to the books. All that is required is a smartphone that is at best augmented reality-capable to enable the more impressive AR display. The app takes the player to different worlds and through the various departments of the bookshop. The aim is to solve puzzles in order to find and return missing items. The smartphone acts as a digital compass, providing orientation and clues. The aim is to return the stories to their original state and thus save the fiction. Through the gamification approach, the player gets to know the bookshop and its various departments and perhaps discovers a book or two to take home with them.

You are welcome to test the app yourself in your nearest Hugendubel store.

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