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We create real and lasting experiences


User experience that inspires

How much time do you spend searching for functions in software? Usually more than necessary, right?
Our name stands for 20 years of expertise in UI/UX, and we continue to set international standards. While there are numerous UI/UX vendors for app development, few can boast similar experience in particularly demanding UI/UX areas, such as vehicle development.
Our first-class implementations result from the skillful fusion of the real world with the countless possibilities of the digital world. In this way, we reliably generate innovative solutions that are technically sound. Our operating concepts seamlessly integrate the front end (user interface) and back end (technical integration).

  • Concept
  • UI/UX-Design
  • Programming
  • Usability

Concept and consulting

  • Multimodal interaction concepts
  • Design and technology research
  • Proof of concept/feasibility studies
  • Concept support and stimulation through creative impulses
  • Consideration of specific usability aspects


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  • User journey mapping
  • Wireframe creation
  • Interface design
  • 2D and 3D map creation
  • Click dummies
  • Focus on user experience
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GUI programming

  • Proprietary frameworks and software components for efficient implementation
  • Networked applications, even on multiple screens
  • Solid user interfaces combined with sophisticated effects
  • 2D and 3D animations
  • Agile and flexible way of working
  • Programming for various operating systems
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  • Consideration of the context-specific aspects of usability (=usability)
  • 20 years of usability experience in the automotive sector
  • Testing our solutions for usability
  • Support for usability studies
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Functionality and design combined


The basis of an impressive interface is a good interaction concept.

In contrast to the graphic interfaces of everyday consumer devices, vehicles have high quality standards and special requirements, e.g. with regard to the driver’s mental strain. With more than 20 years of experience in this special environment, we know how to enable a smooth interaction of the display and operating components and thus bind as little attention as possible.

The employees in the Berlin creative office also have many years of experience in dealing with a wide variety of input modalities and operating concepts. With their support, we develop MMI solutions for our customers that are presented internationally and set standards.



  • Technical research
  • Creative impulses
  • Multimodal operating concepts
  • Proof of Concept

Design- 2D and 3D

Our diverse expertise allows us to merge design and technology.

Structure and clarity are particularly important in the vehicle, and we achieve this with a good eye for design and typography. Our many years of experience with display control elements and their use in usability tests help us to achieve this. In addition, the technology department enables us to evaluate original displays and real vehicle environments as early as the design phase.

Good design is timeless, but current technologies such as virtual reality and 3D game engines expand our possibilities for optimal and future-oriented design.


  • User Journey
  • Interfacedesign
  • Map creation
  • Click Dummies

GUI programming

Our expertise lies in the development of interactive prototypes and demonstrators.

We use the latest tools and engines for the technical implementation of our high-quality designs and thus develop high-performance applications for the common platforms. We also use specially developed software frameworks for the efficient implementation of graphical user interfaces. We always keep an eye on the connection to technical components, such as vehicle technology, and implement the required interfaces in close cooperation with our technology department.

  • 3D-Engines
  • Common platforms
  • Own frameworks
  • Integration

Do you have a vision? We develop the concept!

  • Concept development

How we work

Grafik eines UI/UX Konzeptes für mobile Geräte
TISAX Level 3 Certification
Agile and flexible
Optimized performance
Successful user experience
Open to technology

  • Flexible
  • Performance
  • Open to technology
  • User Experience

Our projects



  • Automotive

Together with prototyping, it's a well-rounded solution!

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