Infotainment systems

One of our UI/UX focuses is on the display network in the vehicle, such as the central display, the combination display or the head-up display. In prototype setups, we create a holistic, interactive experience that gives the user a glimpse into the future. With more than 20 years of experience in this field, we support our customers right from the concept phase with creative ideas, technical advice and validation, for example by creating click dummies.

In interface design, but also in the implementation of the overall experience, we focus on user-friendliness with the special requirements in the vehicle. Whether multimodal operating concepts, the connection of any signals in and around the vehicle, interaction between several applications or the connection of various services – we work solution-oriented and hand in hand with customers and suppliers.

We create 2D and 3D animations or map material and integrate 3D elements if required. Our head-up applications can be experienced on the windshield of the vehicle in any format. We also use the possibilities of AR technology to display relevant information about the surroundings (such as turn arrows on the road) to create a smooth driving experience. The use of our own frameworks and tools makes us particularly effective and agile in this area of application development.


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