Bauer Cube System

The Bauer Cube System revolutionizes large-scale machine visualization by offering an impressive representation of machines on a 1:1 scale. This innovative technology enables a realistic and safe experience where users can immerse themselves in the world of large machines without having to take any physical risks.

One of the outstanding features of the Bauer Cube system is the visualization of hidden work processes. It highlights the inner mechanisms and work processes of the machine. This provides a deeper understanding of how the machine works and its efficiency.

In addition, the Bauer Cube system enables an impressive combined display of reality and virtual content. Users can see the physical machine in its environment while overlaying virtual elements and information to provide a comprehensive and interactive learning experience.

With its ability to realistically display large machines, visualize hidden processes and combine reality with virtual content, the Bauer Cube System sets new standards in large machine visualization and offers users a unique opportunity to experience and understand machines in action.


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