Those who, like us, develop up to 10 years into the future are permanently confronted with the latest technologies. In order to develop their potential, software and hardware tools are necessary, which are often not (yet) available on the free market. Consequently, we have developed and perfected our tools ourselves. Our tools are coordinated and help us to combine technical and graphical components in an optimal way.


Our powerful, flexible software platform serves as a backend for graphical user interfaces and couples them with technical functionality. The numerous existing services can be quickly extended with project-specific modules.


VLUID is a user-friendly remote console for testing and visualizing (vehicle) signals with its own graphical editor. It is ideal for use in development and presentation scenarios, e.g. for control in user studies.


VLOGIC is a logic linking tool which is configurable via a graphical editor and is used as a functional extension of VLUID. A classical application example are State Machines.


VLUX is a versatile traffic simulation with interactive vehicle interior and a dynamic driving environment. It offers a large world with different traffic situations for manual and autonomous driving and is highly customizable.


COBRA is our lightweight display software to display and animate graphical content such as images and videos on a screen. It is based on Unity3D and can be used on any platform (Windows, IOS, Android). Simple animations and transitions between different contents can be made using predefined messages.


To address the issue of “fan” excitement for eSports events or trade show demonstrators, we have developed AR-based solutions, e.g. to place a racing event live on a bar using a tablet or to make a driver behind a screen visible via a window AR solution and display all his interactions live.


We are constantly developing new in-house board solutions to fill the demonstrators and experimental vehicles with interactive content by minimal modification. Examples are the Switch-Kombi, which is used to easily switch the original station wagon and a simulation, and the CAN-LIN Gateway for controlling seat components.


The lightmap environment is used to create scenes for LED lighting. Our SOLID-based LEDGrabber solution in combination with our COBRA tool enables the customer to orchestrate LED scenes very quickly and easily.


For prototypes, eSport-events and trade fair demonstrators the display of multiple video streams or the grabbing and evaluation of existing camera systems is essential. We have developed a variety of techniques for this purpose; for an optimal display on display surfaces or in existing HMI prototypes.


Our toolbox for a rousing production of SimRacing events, with public display, lightshow and sound.



With our Robologic software (Unity3D based), we have developed a solution that monitors the entire room in which the robot is located. If objects are brought into the room by means of a VR controller, the software calculates the exact robot movements and transfers them from the virtual space to the real robot.


VLUX GP is the further development of our traffic simulation into a multiplayer racing game. Developed for our demonstrators, it serves to generate live and telemetry data. It can be coupled with all common actuators (Sensodrive, Logitech, Fanatec) and offers a variety of configuration possibilities.

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