Extended Reality

Flexibility and location-independent use play an increasingly important role in prototype development and require new technologies. Often we are confronted with complex development concepts where real production is too costly.

Abstract representation in a VR or AR world, on the other hand, helps to make concepts more imaginable for the user and to expand reality.


Collaborative working environment
  • 2D/3D
  • Multiplayer
  • Connection of VR and AR
  • Real physics
  • Objects exploded and cut-through view
  • Object movement with 360° viewing angle
Digital Twin
  • 3D representation
  • Interfaces (ROS, CAN, etc.)
  • Training simulation
  • FEM
Training Simulation
  • Step by step guide
  • Visual and acoustic guide
  • Virtual Trainer EEVE

AR with mobile devices

Hidden and simulated components are displayed on a mobile device in addition to the physical world with our AR software. Here the displayed content can be switched or filtered according to the modular principle to present other features.

An advantage is the “SOLID” interface, which allows to visualize live data from real devices in the AR simulation.

AR with the HoloLens 2

Our development in the Augmented Reality area opens new possibilities. Our software represents a new type of interaction between proctor and AR-operator. This enables the proctor to actively intervene in the AR world of the operator. Assistance can be facilitated and better training success can be achieved.

VR Software

Our proprietary software is a modern multiplayer virtual reality platform for collaborative workspace. Local access as well as global remote access to a shared team area enables efficient collaboration. We can display digital twins of real devices, which allows remote control of real devices. Through process digitization, ready-made trainings and courses can be easily recreated and run in virtual reality.

Software Product “remAid”

Save yourself important time, simplify remote collaboration and focus on the essentials. With our groundbreaking AR software, YOU are in control – share your data and knowledge… no matter where you are!

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