As soon as a prototype development requires the use of pattern recognition, a technology that is not out-of-the-shelve or real vehicle technology, graphics agencies reach their limits.
Due to our enthusiasm for technology and our desire to always find the best possible solution, we started to implement the technical integration in early years. Due to this longstanding development experience, combined with our affinity for technology, we are now in a position to use any kind of technology or in many cases to develop it from scratch.


Construction of driving simulators and test vehicles
  • Several, own halls
  • Engineering, electronics, computer technology
  • Own mechanics workshop
Interface programming
  • CAN (FD), LIN, MOST, Flexray
  • Automotive Ethernet
  • USB
  • I2C, SPI
  • WLAN, Bluetooth
  • PIC18/32
  • Atmel
  • Fujitsu
  • ARM
Sensor Technology
  • Multi-Touch
  • Capacitive
  • Inductive
  • Optical
  • Print
  • Bending
  • Distance
  • Temperature
Project specific electronic development
  • Multilayer FR4 or foil
  • SMD placement up to 0.4mm pitch
LED Technology
  • Drive electronics
  • Complex lighting scenarios
  • Ambient lighting
  • Own tooling
  • Engine control
  • Actuators
  • Motion controlling
Pattern Recognition
  • Image processing
  • Gesture recognition
  • Speech processing
  • 3D sensors

Software and hardware integration

Our developments are a combination of graphical user interfaces, display control elements and technical components such as sensors and actuators with corresponding algorithms or pattern recognition. In addition, there are regular connections to vehicles, driving simulators and external, networked services.

To enable the cooperation of all these components, we have developed our in-house software framework SOLID, which already offers numerous functional modules and can be quickly extended by project-specific modules. This enables us to connect practically any hardware in a short time and also to realize distributed systems.

An important factor for every presentation is a reliable, high-performance hardware. In vehicles, this is especially challenging due to the connection to their bus systems, safety requirements, package, heat development, energy consumption, EMC and much more. Here we offer many years of experience in the construction of vehicles and trade fair demonstrators. Our services include the concept, assembly, cabling and commissioning of vehicle technology, computer and event technology in our own halls, but also mechanical equipment.

Embedded Electronics

New developments require special hardware that is often not yet available in the required form, e.g. new operating elements or controllers for new display types. For this reason, we have built up our own electronics development department over the years, which is able to realize embedded solutions in order to produce vehicle-suitable control units based on microprocessors or complete control elements in cooperation with prototype manufacturers. Our development includes technical concept, circuit diagram, layout, package, manufacturing, housing and above all embedded programming. Examples of our work are our own hardware tools as well as functional climate control units, gear selector switches and multifunctional steering wheels.

Partner Network

We see ourselves as part of a powerful ecosystem of companies with different capabilities, with which we are closely interlinked and regularly work in cooperation. These include, for example, construction, design, prototyping and mechatronics.

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