From backend to frontend

We would be pleased to give you an understanding of our services and support. We invite you to take a detailed look at them.


Our engineering department deals with the interface between technology and UX/UI.

This field ranges from software backend programming, electrical/electronic development, hardware programming to vehicle and prototype construction. A further highlight is the integration and commissioning of various hardware and software.


We support your development by combining the fantastic possibilities of the IT world with real technology. The results are innovative and can be experienced live, as well as reliable and technically sound.

Extended Reality

In addition to the networking of hardware and software, we have been successful in the field of extended reality for several years. In addition to software for classical VR environments, our portfolio also includes the latest AR glasses or mixed reality displays, for example via smartphone or tablet.

Immersive Training

Automatable, scalable, smart

The demand for training is continuously increasing in many industries. At the same time, the requirements are rising, and the available resources are becoming scarce. XR technologies – AR and VR – can make a significant contribution here to meet the training needs in a smart way.

Industrial Apps

Problem Solver – Always There

In many commercial processes, there is a need for support, coupled with the ability to extract data and provide transparent documentation – typical examples include sales, commissioning, maintenance, and transport. Mobile apps for smartphones and tablets offer a digital and smart solution at this point.


The implementation of our customer projects made it necessary to develop our own tools and adapt them to the constantly changing requirements. Therefore we are now and also in the future able to implement (almost) all customer wishes with our own tool chain.

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