AR Porsche

This LEGO® Porsche offers kinematics and lighting controlled by live data from e.g. a driving simulator. Our lightmap toolchain picks up pixels from the screen and sends the color values to the LEDs – this leads to a significant reduction of development times. To experience live content such as a driving driver, an instrument cluster and an exploding airbag in AR, we developed our AR app.


    This scenario was implemented with the following of our tools


    Controls the communication between Lightmap and Cobra. Provides the data for the kinematics, processes the input from VLUID and triggers various AR scenes.


    Provides the display and inputs on the touch screen.


    Locates the vehicle by optical tracking and is supplied by SOLID with data from the simulator and VLUID.


    To display the driving data, the vehicle was mounted on a motion platform. The motors are controlled by self-developed interfaces.


    Our light control solution for controlling the main headlights and taillights.


    Provides the display data for LIGHTMAP.

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