Industrial Apps

In the professional everyday life, due to limited personnel resources, there is less and less time available for an increasing number of tasks. Therefore, optimized processes and efficient tools contribute more and more to the success of the company. Tailor-made applications for smartphones and tablets can significantly simplify many tasks.

Advantages of industrial apps:


All necessary documents such as sales catalogs or technical documentation are always available in digital and compact form and can be easily updated.


The applications can be networked with other work tools. For example, a maintenance app can read the error memory of a machine, a sales tool can determine inventory and availability, and create and forward quotes and orders.


All inputs can be automatically logged. For example, photos can be added to an electronic instruction for the transport of a machine after packing, which facilitates handling in case of problems.

Optional use of XR technologies

Products can be visualized in 3D and photos can be supplemented with additional information for maintenance scenarios. In showrooms, hidden details can be made visible to potential customers and explained vividly.

Example of Application

Sales Tool

When selling machinery, printed catalogs are still used predominantly. Each manufacturer of attachments provides separate catalogs and price lists for each type of machine. This means a lot of paper material that needs to be stored and updated regularly.

An app as an electronic sales tool can bring significant advantages:

Through the digital data, cross-referencing and networking with inventory systems is possible, making availability quickly visible across manufacturers. Updates are immediately available. In addition, 3D models and videos can be integrated to create a better understanding of the product.

Planned Maintenance

A typical operation in the operation of machines is planned maintenance, for example, after 500 hours of operation. These must be performed correctly and documented for warranty reasons. An app can facilitate the maintenance process by automatically reading equipment conditions, systematizing maintenance steps, facilitating documentation through the creation of photo shots, and supporting spare parts orders.

Mobile Assist

Mobile Assist allows presenting additional information about products and displaying hidden details on the real object. No additional hardware is required for Mobile Assist applications, a tablet or smartphone is sufficient.

Mobile Operator Apps

With our Mobile Operator App software concept, maintenance intervals and operating instructions for complex machines can be mapped and made available to employees and customers. Protocols are easily available as PDFs, and the tedious manual drafting is eliminated.

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