Immersive Trainings

The general demand for training is enormous – whether it’s onboarding, workplace safety, equipment or procedural training – the field of application is diverse. Legal requirements, higher staff turnover, heterogeneous learning groups, and shorter change cycles are additional challenges. When these factors encounter only limited availability of qualified trainers, it becomes difficult and the organizational effort increases. At this point, the use of XR technologies – Augmented and Virtual Reality – can make a decisive contribution to partially or fully automating, scaling, documenting, or even enabling training.

Tip: XR training can also help companies better cope with additional challenges such as entry restrictions and increased travel costs.


Augmented Reality Brille

Augmented Reality

With Augmented Reality, the user remains in the real world, which is only supplemented by virtual elements. Text information and graphics are displayed in real-time in the real world. In contrast to VR, in AR, the physical environment is still perceived.

Virtuelle Realität

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) technology allows the user to experience a virtual 360-degree world, view it from all sides, move around in it, and interact with it. The user no longer perceives their real environment and feels like they are directly in the virtual world.

Meaning of Immersion

The meaning of “Immersion” is literally “to immerse oneself”. Users can thus spatially perceive an artificial scene, like in a flight simulator. Immersive training provides learning scenarios in which the learning content is not only shown, but can also be tried out. Depending on the design of the training, it is also possible to make mistakes whose impact is tangible and documented by the software. The training can be interrupted at any time and repeated as often as desired until the desired results, such as carrying out maintenance within a time and error limit, are achieved.

Advantages of immersive training:

+ Easy to conduct

Many training scenarios can be carried out at any location and time, without the need for trainers or training rooms. The shipment of the VR/AR devices allows for this.

+ Preparation for in-person training

Ensuring a consistent level of training for all participants. This makes the trainer’s job easier and improves the quality of the training.

+ Additional possibilities

Automated documentation or gaze tracking (important for medical applications).

Device Training VR/AR

Example Device Training Blood Purification Machine

An essential part of using medical equipment on a daily basis is the so-called priming, i.e. preparing the machine for operation. Priming is critical to the success of the treatment and is usually performed by the limited number of medical personnel available.

Virtual Reality device training can provide support and convey the basic knowledge needed to prepare the machine at any time.

The virtual reality training complements the verbal instructions with markings, drawings, and even images/videos.

Neither the device nor expensive disposables (such as hoses, fluid containers, and cannulas) are required for this type of training.

In open space, complex devices can also be operated using VR.

Device training can also be implemented in Augmented Reality. However, the original equipment is required for this type of training.

AR can show hand movements and the desired end results on the original device.

Commissioning and Remote Instruction

Example “Next Level Operator”

Unfortunately, due to travel restrictions, it is not always possible for the trainer to be on site. In our example, a construction machine is to be put into operation with the help of an AR headset.

The first step is an automated basic instruction using augmented reality, supported by the avatar EEVE.

The second part is carried out by a human trainer for insurance reasons. Trainees share their field of view with the remote trainer through the AR headset. Instruction can be supplemented through verbal instructions, markings, drawings, as well as pictures and videos.

Avatar Eeve shows the main power switch

The human trainer shows the position of the start button

The machine operator starts the machine

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